Will your fender fit my bike?
All bikes are a little different but we made this thing fit them all. If you don’t like the fit, you can return for a refund (shipping is on you).
How do I install this thing?
Curve fender underneath crown to get placement. Loop two zip ties or Velcro straps through the top two fender slots and around fork crown first. Then loop two ties through the outside slots on the fender and around your fork lowers. Tie down tight and ride like hell.
How quickly can I get my hands on it?
Your order will be out of our hands within 2-3 days and at your door step in another 2-3 days.
Is there a warranty?
In the wild instance you destroy these fenders, please reach out and send us a photo of the carnage. We’ll help you out with a discounted replacement for the hassle. 
Is my fender recyclable?
Thrash it don’t trash it. We used polyethylene so you can recycle this guilt free (in most places).

How do I get ahold of you guys? 
Email us at or hit us with a direct message on Instagram @tirefire5000