TireFire is a brand with the goal of growing biking by supporting fringe movements within the sport. We want to support the core of riding, the guys in the trenches, putting in work, out digging, creating and pushing themselves. We believe that hard work pays off and that out of creativity comes freedom.

We want to make products for real riders who don’t need to be spending an arm and a leg on a pair of riding pants.  We want to offer apparel that you actually want to wear and make things that don’t look like you just stepped out of a bike park lift line.

 Ultimately our goal is simple.  We are here as a breath of fresh air. That’s what makes it fun. If you have an idea for a product or want to pitch a project to us, don’t hesitate to hit us up; we want to hear from you, and we will see where you fit in our brand.

A direct portion of our sales goes to supporting these riders, and athlete edits. For us creativity comes before money in our pockets 7 days a week. 

Thanks for reading.